How do I change to Bubs or Aussie Bubs without upsetting my baby?

Given the current shortage in the US you are not alone. Switching formula brands can take time, so do be patient as your baby transitions to the new formula.

HOWEVER – If your baby is on a specialty formula or has an allergy, sensitivity or other issues with past formula ingredients, always talk to your paediatrician before switching.

All babies react to change in formula differently. Due to the sensitivity of their tiny tummy, they may experience some change in their digestion or stool pattern or color for a few days. If you notice anything unusual or your baby seems uncomfortable, call your paediatrician to give your baby a smooth transition from their current formula to Bubs. Some pediatricians recommend mixing your previous formula with the new formula (see chart below), and if your baby tolerates the new formula, you can gradually increase the amount of new formula and decrease the amount of previous formula in the bottle over a few days.

If transitioning is an option, we recommend following the below table: