Our Newest Infant Formula Is More Convenient Than Ever

Meet Bubs Essential Infant Formula

Nothing is too good for your baby, especially the food that nourishes them and helps them grow. That’s the guiding principle behind every wholesome infant and toddler formula that Aussie Bubs makes—and now, with Bubs Essential Infant Formula, we’re introducing our high-quality, clean label ingredients and complete nutrition at a more accessible price point, available nationwide. 

Twenty-ounce cans of Bubs Essential Infant Formula will first be available for purchase in Walmart and on Walmart.com this May, with a suggested retail price of $26.99, before rolling out to major retailers including Target, Amazon, Walmart and Kroger. Both the price point, convenient 20 ounce can, and widespread availability make it even easier and convenient to replenish your pantry stash of Bubs whenever you need to. 

This whole-milk based formula is made with a lactose carbohydrate source, and contains pre and probiotics for digestive and immune support. When it comes to feeding your baby, purity matters. Like all of our Aussie Bubs products, Bubs Essential has been tested for over 400 contaminants, heavy metals and more and earned the Clean Label Project Purity Award. It also meets the First 1,000 Days Promise standards, based on high European food and safety regulations for newborns and infants. 

With the addition of Bubs Essential Infant Formula, parents now have even more choices when it comes to selecting the right infant formula for their little bub. From grass-fed milk based formulas and goat milk formulas to our latest Bubs Essential, you’ll know you’re feeding your baby wholesome, nutritious ingredients to boost their development and help them thrive. 


Bubs Essential Infant Formula FAQ:

How much does Bubs Essential Infant Formula cost?

Suggested retail price is $26.99. 

Where can I buy Bubs Essential Infant Formula?

Walmart and Walmart.com. Kroger, Amazon, Thrive Market, Target and more coming soon. 

What are the key ingredients in Bubs Essential Infant Formula?

Bubs Essential Infant Formula is made with whole milk, pre and probiotics and essential vitamins and minerals like Zinc, vitamin A, D, B6 and B12.

What baby ages is Bubs Essential Infant Formula intended for?

Newborn to 12 months old. 

Is Bubs Essential Infant Formula non-GMO?

Yes. Like all of our formulas, Bubs Essential Infant Formula is non-GMO.