Third Party Validation

At Aussie Bubs™ we pride ourselves on using pure ingredients to provide clean label nutrition for your little one. In fact, our Aussie Bubs™ formulas have been independently tested for purity, and proudly received a Clean Label Project® Purity Award.

This evidence-based verification gives parents peace of mind in knowing that your toddler is obtaining pure nutrition free from heavy metals, pesticide residues, plasticizers and other chemicals and toxins*.

*Based on independent ISO 17025 accredited analytical chemistry testing from Q2 2021 with analytical instrumentation sensitivities as low as 5ppb for heavy metals, 5ppb for acrylamide, 100ppb for glyphosate, 300ppt for mycotoxins, 10ppb for other pesticides, and 8ppb for BPA. 

First 1,000 Day Promise is the first standard to use elements of the EU baby food regulations to set a maximum contaminant threshold for products for pregnant women, infants, lactating mothers and children. The WHO says that the first 1,000 days of life, from conception through age two are critically important to long term health and wellness, when optimum brain and immune system development are formed.

Aussie Bubs™ Australian Goat Milk and Grass Fed Cow Milk Toddler Formulas are the first formulas to receive this prestigious award.