The Best Hands-Free Breast Pumps in 2024

Breastfeeding is a beautiful journey, but it can also be an incredibly demanding one – especially in those early newborn days. Between the constant feeding, pumping, and caring for your little one, finding time for even the most basic self-care can seem impossible. That's why hands-free breast pumps are a total game-changer for busy moms. These innovative pumps let moms multitask and reclaim their me-time, while still getting their pumping done.

In this guide, we explore the best hands-free breast pumps of 2024, breaking down the key features, pros, and cons of each to help you find the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you're looking for ultimate portability, maximum efficiency, or stellar comfort, Aussie Bubs has you covered. Say goodbye to the struggles of traditional pumping and hello to a more convenient, stress-free experience.

The Benefits Of Hands-Free Pumping

For breastfeeding moms with countless responsibilities, the ability to pump hands-free is nothing short of liberating. Traditional breast pumps force you to stay in one place, holding the bottles and flanges in their position. But hands-free breast pumps unlock a whole new world of mobility and multitasking.

With a wearable pump, the possibilities are endless. Is baby crying? You can feed, burp, play, and cuddle them without skipping a beat. Meal prep time? Chop veggies and whip up snacks while pumping, no problem. You can even discreetly pump while out running errands, doing work, or taking a shower.

That freedom to move untethered creates priceless windows for rest, self-care, and simply living life without spatial confinement. Many moms find they can pump more efficiently when their hands aren't occupied holding equipment.

Hands-free pumping also lets you spend more time bonding with your baby instead of using your hands to hold the bottles. You can cuddle, read, play, and share those precious skin-to-skin moments. For moms who have to go back to work, a hands-free model makes it a million times easier to keep up your pumping schedule on-the-go.

Hands-free breast pumps are designed to integrate into your lifestyle, so you can pump anytime, anywhere without giving up your presence and productivity. 

Best Hands-Free Breast Pumps for Every Need

Before we dive into specifics, here's the complete list of our favorite breast pumps, their key feature, and where to find them. 

Best Overall: Elvie Stride

elvie stride hands free breast pump

The Elvie Stride earns the top spot for its unmatched effectiveness and smart features. This hospital-grade pump touts medical-level suction power while maintaining whisper-quiet operation. Moms rave about the five-ounce per breast storage capacity and closed system that prevents spillage in bags or bottles.

Though not the most portable with its tubing, the Elvie Stride offers exceptional output thanks to its double pumping capacity and adjustable settings through the app. The $270 price reflects its standout performance and app integration that provides real-time pumping data. For moms seeking a highly efficient and customizable pumping experience, the Elvie Stride is a wise investment.

  • Battery Life and Charging Time: Approximately 2 hours to fully charge, supporting around five 30-minute sessions​.
  • Noise Level: Combines a small, hospital-grade motor with top-spec noise reduction technology for ultra-quiet operation​.
  • Suction Patterns and Speeds: Offers Stimulation and Expression modes, each with 10 intensity settings​.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Breast Shields, Cup Fronts, Valves, and Diaphragms are hand-washable and dishwasher-safe​.
  • Connectivity and App Features: Compatible with the Pump with Elvie app for remote control, adjustable settings, and pumping history​.

Best for Comfort: Willow 3.0 Wearable Breast Pump

willow hands free breast pump

The Willow 3.0 optimizes pumping comfort with its discreet, bra-like design. Moms can pump freely and efficiently while on the go thanks to its wireless, ultra-quiet operation. Though pricey at $549.99, the custom fit and advanced technology make this pump a worthwhile splurge for moms prioritizing comfort. It holds up to 4 ounces per breast in spill-proof, self-sealing bags for added convenience. For active moms needing a fuss-free, completely hands-free pumping experience, the Willow 3.0 is in a class of its own.

  • Battery Life and Charging Time: Full charge in approximately 2 hours for about five sessions. A quick charge option is available for one session​.
  • Noise Level: Quiet operation allows for discreet use in various settings, though not entirely unnoticed​.
  • Suction Patterns and Speeds: Suction strength is slightly more powerful than Elvie Pump's, offering effective milk expression​.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Components are relatively easy to clean and larger, making them easier to manage. Dishwasher-safe parts are included​.
  • Connectivity and App Features: The Willow app tracks milk output, customizes settings, and provides a range of supportive features​.

Best for Portability: Medela Freestyle Flex Portable Double Electric Breast Pump

medela hands free breast pump

Frequent travelers rejoice - the Medela Freestyle Flex was designed expressly for portability and performance. At just 1.1 pounds, it's ultra lightweight and compact for tossing in a bag or carrying on-the-go. Despite its petite size, it doesn't compromise on effectiveness or features, with a maximum nine-ounce capacity and double pumping power. Moms can pump directly into bottles or bags for added convenience. Priced reasonably at $349.99, the Freestyle Flex allows moms to maintain their pumping schedule anywhere while retaining the efficiency of a standard electric pump.

  • Battery Life and Charging Time: Offers over 2 hours of pumping time on a full charge​.
  • Noise Level: It's noted for being loud and vibrating a lot during use, which might not be suitable for discreet pumping in quiet environments​.
  • Suction Patterns and Speeds: Does not allow for cycle speed adjustment, only vacuum strength​.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Features easy-to-clean pump parts, with only three components requiring washing​.
  • Connectivity and App Features: Connects to the MyMedela app, tracking sessions but not the amount pumped​.

Best Budget-Friendly Manual: Elvie Curve

elvie curve hands fre breast pump

The Elvie Curve is a standout in the manual pump category, offering natural suction with manual control over the suction level. At $48.99, it's a budget-friendly option for those who prefer a more hands-on approach to pumping. Its simplicity and effectiveness make it a great choice for occasional use or as a backup pump. The Elvie Curve's design is intuitive and user-friendly, making it a practical choice for moms who are new to breast pumping or prefer the control of a manual pump.

  • Wearable and discreet, designed for hands-free use.
  • Uses natural suction with adjustable suction strength.
  • Can collect up to 4 oz of milk effortlessly.
  • Fits neatly inside a bra for convenience.
  • Suitable for use while breastfeeding on the other breast or when feeling full.
  • Requires decanting milk into a bottle after collection.

Best Versatility: BabyBuddha Single or Double Portable Breast Pump

baby buddha hands free breast pump

The BabyBuddha Single or Double Portable Breast Pump is known for its versatility and compatibility with Freemie Hands-Free cups, although these cups need to be purchased separately. Offering the convenience of a portable pump, it's ideal for moms who need flexibility in their pumping routine. 

The Freemie cups can hold 5-7 ounces, depending on the model, and the price of the BabyBuddha pump varies, with Freemie cups costing an additional $69.99. This pump is a great choice for those who want the option of single or double pumping and appreciate the convenience of hands-free cups.

  • Setup and Use: Simple setup with a closed system for hygiene. Offers stimulation and expression modes with adjustable intensity levels​​.
  • Portability: Highly portable with a rechargeable battery, allowing mobility during use. Can be worn around the neck or placed in a pocket​​​​.
  • Noise Level: Quieter than many pumps, though not silent, balancing efficiency with discretion​.

Best Affordable Electric Pump: Bellababy W38 Hands-Free Breast Pump

bellababy hands free breast pump

For a budget-friendly electric option, the Bellababy W38 Hands-Free Breast Pump is a solid choice at $119.99. It offers the essential features of a hands-free pump without a hefty price tag. Ideal for parents who are looking for an affordable yet reliable electric breast pump, the Bellababy W38 provides good value for money. Its functionality and price point make it an attractive option for those who are budget-conscious but still want the convenience of an electric pump.

  • Comparison with More Expensive Models: Offers strong suction, rivaling hospital-grade pumps at a much lower cost​
  • Charging Time and Battery Life: Charges via USB, enhancing portability; specific charging time details not found, but design suggests convenience​.

Best for Fast Pumping: Momcozy S12 Pro Wearable Breast Pump

momcozy hands free breast pump

When time is of the essence, the Momcozy S12 Pro pump delivers faster milk output. This $119.99 wearable pump empties each breast into its six-ounce cups in record time. Busy moms love the portability and efficiency offered by the whisper-quiet motor and one-touch control. Whether you’re pumping on a hectic morning or during a short break, the Momcozy S12 Pro optimizes your pumping sessions without compromising comfort or convenience.

  • Battery Life: The battery can last about 140 minutes, equating to 4-9 pumping sessions on a single charge, making it reliable for regular use​​​​.
  • Noise Level: While it is quieter than traditional pumps, it's noted to produce sound similar to normal breast pumps, less discreet compared to models like the Elvie​​​​.
  • Portability and Discretion: Although not the sleekest in design, its hands-free, cordless nature allows for pumping on the go. Some users found it bulky but valued its convenience for multitasking​​​​​​.
  • Ease of Use and Cleaning: It's user-friendly with a large LED screen for easy setting visibility. Cleaning is straightforward, though parts are not dishwasher safe​​​​​​.

Best for Overnight: Freemie Liberty Hands-Free Breast Pump 

liberty hands free breast pump

The Freemie Liberty II Deluxe Hands-Free Wearable Breast Pump System stands out with its unique sleep timer feature. This pump is ideal for overnight pumping, offering peace of mind and convenience. With a capacity of up to 8 ounces of breastmilk per cup, it's designed for longer pumping sessions. The price is usually marked down to $149.99 from $349, making it a great value for its features. The Freemie Liberty II is perfect for moms who need to pump during the night or prefer a pump with a larger capacity.

Best Newcomer: Legendairy Milk Imani i2 Wearable Breast Pump

imani hands free breast pump

Meet the rookie standout, the Imani i2 - an ultra-portable and wallet-friendly newcomer. Priced at just $74.99, it delivers customizable suction levels and an impressive seven-ounce capacity. The unique top-mount motor maximizes portability for slip-in-your-bra convenience. For moms seeking an easy-to-use, effective wearable pump at an affordable price point, the Imani i2 is a strong first-time contender.

  • Noise Level: It's quieter than some traditional models but may still be noticeable in very quiet environments​​.
  • Suction Patterns and Speeds: Features two modes—expression and stimulation—each with adjustable suction strength for different pumping preferences and needs. 

How to Choose the Right Hands-Free Breast Pump

Consider these factors when selecting a hands-free breast pump.


If you'll be pumping on-the-go, prioritize lightweight, compact designs that can be worn discreetly. Look for pumps under 1lb with wearable tech that tucks into your bra.


Breast pump capacity can range from 4-10 oz per cup/bottle. Opt for larger storage containers if you'll pump longer sessions or overnight.


Frequent pumpers should consider pumps with higher suction power and faster speed to maximize output. Look for adjustable settings and double pumping options.


Hands-free pump prices range from $50 for simple manual options up to $550+ for advanced electric models with smart features. Set a budget before shopping.


An ergonomic, customizable fit is crucial for comfort and discretion while pumping. Evaluate size, shape and adjustability to find the most comfortable flanges for your needs.


Consider convenience features like battery powered, USB charging, bag compatibility, app connectivity, quiet operation, auto shut-off, etc.


Assess your daily routine, travel needs, workflow interruptions and other lifestyle factors to determine your must-have features like portability, speed, capacity, etc.

Make a list of your ideal features, then compare models with specs that align with your needs and budget. Try different sizes and styles to find the right fit for comfort, efficiency and seamless integration into your lifestyle.

Feeding Your Baby When Pumping Isn't Possible

As magical as breastfeeding can be, it isn't always possible round-the-clock. When you need to supplement breast milk or switch entirely to formula, consider Aussie Bubs. Specifically formulated to support immune health and brain development, Aussie Bubs contains key nutrients modeled after breast milk.