“As a dietitian and mom of two little ones, I’m always looking for highly nutritious products that taste good and make life a little easier for parents. Aussie Bubs™ Toddler Formulas fits that bill. As the recipient of the Clean Label Purity Award, you can be confident that you are giving your little ones a top-quality product. Their formulas have no artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, GMOs or growth hormones and they're packed with high-quality vitamins and minerals to give your little ones what they need for brain and gut health." - Stephanie Middleberg, MS, RD

“The first 1,000 days of life are crucial to healthy brain development. But toddlers can be picky eaters. I recommend Aussie Bubs™ Toddler Formulas because they are trusted, clean, nutrient-dense, high-quality products that give parents peace of mind that their little one is getting the essential vitamins and minerals they need every day without added sugars, GMOs, or growth hormones. Aussie Bubs™ formulas are also Clean Label Project certified which means they’ve been independently tested for 400 plus contaminants and awarded for meeting the highest of standards.” - Tanya Altmann, MD, FAAP

“What stands out about Aussie Bubs™ is the ingredient quality. When it comes to the Clean Label Purity Award, we test for hundreds of contaminants and toxins – things that you definitely don’t want in food you are going to feed your family. And Aussie Bubs™ was a Clean Label Purity Award winning brand. So far in the US, only a handful of formulas have received that award.” - Jackie Bowen, Executive Director of The Clean Label Project

"Great for supplementing. I’ve always produced “just enough” when it comes to nursing so we decided to supplement when little one isn’t with me. She has been very happy on the goat milk formula and I feel it’s much easier on her tummy while also receiving breast milk. As a nurse practitioner I am very happy with the ingredients."

"Life saver. This formula has been a lifesaver for my little one! I went through brand after brand of American formula and couldn’t find anything that would help his tummy! I tried the stage one goat milk at four weeks and I have a happy and healthy five month old! Highly recommend!!"

"Our little lady loves Aussie Bubs goat milk formula. The smell and taste are natural. It does not have the unnatural & just downright awful smell and taste American infant formula has. We use it as a supplement. It has certainly helped her with the gas and occasional constipation she was having when she was given a milk based formula."

"Our baby had acid reflux and spit up quite a bit on the other formulas. That combined with shortages of other brands led us to trying Bubs and he absolutely loved it, drank more, kept it down, acid reflux wasn’t an issue. Just all around a solid general improvement in our little ones life. We’ve stuck with Bubs since stage 1, and intend to include stage 3 in his diet when the time comes as well. I thoroughly cannot recommend trying at least one of the many varieties they offer."