The Formula for Healthy Planet

Because our bubs deserve it.

Earth Day is an important day, a moment in time to consider the world around us and how we interact with it. But at Bubs, environmental impact is top-of-mind everyday. It's why we’ve ensured our entire business model — from the farm to our manufacturing and distribution — puts sustainability and social responsibility at the forefront. 

Our Animals

Our farming practices prioritize animal welfare, sustainability and quality. We know and have clear lines of communication to all of our farms, which means we can ensure our goats and cows are raised in a free-range environment with access to open pastures and clean water. They’re not confined to small spaces or feedlots, which would put stress on the animal and could lead to illness. Our animals aren’t given any growth hormones or antibiotics, and their feed is free of pesticides and GMOs. When we say “free-range”, we mean free-range.

Our Farms

We work with our farmers to implement sustainable farming techniques that reduce waste, conserve water, and promote biodiversity. As a not-so-small example, many of our farms grow their own natural feed as they have sufficient land and reuse bedding materials and animal waste for compost and natural soil fertilization. We also regularly test the milk for purity, as well as ensure that our cows and goats are healthy and well-cared for. Plus, even our DHA and AHA supplements are plant-based.

Our Manufacturing

Unlike many brands on the market, we own our manufacturing facilities and operations. This means we’re able to provide full transparency and can be accountable for our claims (and back them up).

A lot of this may sound relatively new; it’s not every day that a company is so open about all of their processes. But our strict emphasis on the highest quality product that doesn’t damage the Earth, alongside full transparency for families everywhere… that’s just a regular day for us. It’s all part of our mission to create the best products that help you and your little bub while doing right by the environment.