The Best Crib Sheets for Babies in 2024

Picking the perfect crib sheets for your little one's nursery is an exciting part of preparing for their arrival. With so many options, it can be tricky to decide which crib sheets are the softest, most durable, and cutest for your new baby. The right crib sheets will keep your infant comfortable while adding personality to their sleep space.

When exploring crib sheets, look for key factors like material, breathability, ease of use, and aesthetic. The crib sheet market offers organic cotton, muslin, bamboo, jersey knit, and more across a range of prices..

We've compiled the top crib sheets for babies in 2024 based on comfort, quality, and parental reviews. From boutique designers to big box brands, you'll find the perfect sheets for your new bub.

Best Crib Sheets for Babies

Best Zippered Crib Sheets: Crib Zip Sheets

Crib Zip Sheets feature a unique design with a durable zippered base sheet and interchangeable top sheets. This allows you to quickly change just the top sheet when it gets soiled, saving time on laundry. The soft jersey top sheets come in fun prints, while the waterproof base protects the mattress.

Softest Crib Sheets: Little Sleepies Luna Bamboo Crib Sheets

These luxury crib sheets from Little Sleepies are made from thermoregulating bamboo viscose, making them incredibly soft and breathable. Great for sensitive skin, they have a silky feel that keeps baby comfortable in any season. Choose from sweet patterns like clouds, arrows, hearts, and woodland creatures.

Best Organic Cotton Crib Sheets: American Blossom Linens Organic Cotton Percale Crib Sheets

For an eco-friendly crib sheet made from 100% organic cotton, American Blossom Linens is a top choice. Their crisp, breathable percale weave comes in 180 thread count options, making them soft yet durable. You can select either white or unbleached natural cotton.

Cutest Patterned Crib Sheets: SpearmintLOVE Crib Sheets

SpearmintLOVE offers the widest range of adorable prints like polka dots, stars, animals, and more. Made from soft 100% cotton, these affordable sheets coordinate well with other nursery decor and bedding. Fully machine washable, they retain their vibrancy for years.

Best Jersey Knit Crib Sheets: Burt's Bees Baby Organic Cotton Jersey Crib Sheets

Buttery soft jersey knit crib sheets from Burt's Bees Baby wrap your little one in gentle comfort. Constructed from 100% organic cotton, they come in great prints and patterns that are extra durable. The jersey material provides warmth perfect for naps and overnight.

Best Muslin Crib Sheets: Little Unicorn 100% Cotton Muslin Crib Sheets

For a lightweight and breathable crib sheet, Little Unicorn's 100% cotton muslin is a top pick. These sheets get even softer over time and allow airflow to keep baby comfortable in warmer months. Sweet patterns like stripes, florals and woodland creatures are available.

Coziest Crib Sheets: Copper Pearl Premium Baby Crib Sheets

The plush luxury knit material of Copper Pearl crib sheets makes them extra cozy while still breathable. Fun designs like chambray, floral, buffalo check, dots, and arrows help complete your nursery theme. Parents love the softness and quality.

Most Affordable Crib Sheets: Target Cloud Island Crib Sheets

For cute crib sheets on a budget, Cloud Island sheets from Target offer great quality and value. Available in many fun prints, these soft cotton sheets won't break the bank. They're gentle on baby's skin and hold up well with repeated washing.

Best Organic Crib Sheets: Nestig Organic Cotton Crib Sheets

Nestig's family-owned brand uses luxuriously soft GOTS certified organic cotton for their ethical and non-toxic crib sheets. Fun prints like confetti dots, triangles, and florals are Oeko-Tex certified and ethically produced.

Most Luxurious Crib Sheets: Kyte Baby Bamboo Crib Sheets

Made from ultra-soft bamboo material, Kyte Baby's fitted crib sheets offer a dreamy, luxury hotel feel. The thermoregulating fabric keeps your baby comfortable in every season. Parents love the extra softness and modern prints.

Tips for Picking the Perfect Crib Sheets

Material - Choose breathable, gentle materials like cotton, bamboo, or jersey. Stay away from scratchy synthetics.

Fit - Pick sheets with elastic all around to hug mattresses without loosening. Measure your mattress.

Prints/Colors - Select colors and patterns that match your nursery theme and other bedding.

Easy Care - Machine washable sheets that retain softness and color are ideal for repeated washing.

Breathability - Lightweight, breathable fabrics allow airflow to keep babies comfortable.

With these features in mind, you'll find the perfect crib sheets to dress up your nursery while keeping your little sleeper cozy. Mix and match patterns or choose a sheet set for a coordinated look.

Final Thoughts

Your baby will spend many sweet hours dreaming in their crib, so quality crib sheets matter. When you take the time to find soft, safe sheets that fit well, you ensure your little one's comfort and your own peace of mind. 

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