Formula Shortage Support

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Are you a concerned parent?

The Aussie Bubs™ Advisory Board created these tips to help concerned parents find some peace of mind.

DO switch brands if your routine formula isn’t available. It can take a baby a few days to transition to the new formula so be patient. If your baby is on a specialty formula, or has an allergy or sensitivity to any formula, always talk to your pediatrician before switching.

DO call smaller mom & pop stores as they often have stock that the larger retailers may not.

DO introduce toddler formula if your baby is close to a year old, eating solid foods and you’ve consulted with your pediatrician. Look for formulas that are Clean Label Purity Award recipients.

DON’T make homemade infant formula. It won’t meet your baby’s essential nutritional needs, can be very dangerous to their growth and development and can even make your baby sick.

DON’T add extra water to stretch your formula supply. This will dilute essential nutrients which can lead to major health problems and harm the normal growth and development of the infant.

Where to Shop

STORE LOCATIONS: Once Bubs Infant Formulas arrive we will prioritise the shipping of our products to our retail partners as quickly as we can. We will then start to provide access to the Bubs Australia Infant Formula on our Aussie Bubs website where you can currently purchase Aussie Bubs Toddler Formula. More detail on direct sales from our website will be provided as soon as possible.

Please still check with your local retail store, even if they are not on this list above, as they may have already commenced stocking Bubs Formula products, through our distributors.