Top Newborn Must-haves

A simple, sturdy list.

No matter how you got here, you’re here: you’re preparing for a newborn! As thrilling as it is, it’s not without the stress of learning a full vocabulary of new terms and items to memorize. But fear not, we’ve compiled a sturdy list of essentials for you to find (if you have a computer, print this off!) 

  • Diapers – Seems like an obvious first option, because it is! Disposable or cloth, depending on your preference. Make sure you buy a lot, but don’t get too many newborn size as babies grow quickly. 
  • Baby Wipes – Tons of options on the market; these will become a godsend for diaper changes, juice/milk/sticky spills and more.
  • Onesies – Perfect for layering, for hot days, for any occasion — babies will go through onesies quickly, so be sure you have several sizes at your disposal!
  • Swaddling Blankets – For wrapping and soothing your little bub; don’t worry, you’ll get the folding part down, or you can buy one with a built in velcro swaddle for ease. 
  • Burp Cloths – Post- or mid-feed, your baby’s gotta burp, and you’re going to want a burp cloth nearby at all times. Nothing like a cascade of spit-up from your sweet, perfect little one to ruin your shirt. 
  • Bassinet and/or Crib – For sleeping and napping, naturally. And don’t be concerned when you have to upgrade from bassinet to crib. Your baby’s growing; that’s a good thing!
  • Car Seat – For all those trips to loved ones’ homes. Be sure to make sure it’s properly installed, rear facing in the backseat of your car and the chest clip is at nipple level, not below. 
  • Baby Monitor – Listen to the sweet sounds of your baby’s coos (or rampant screams) throughout the night or naptime. Or turn it down so you don’t hear every little coo, but know when your little one wakes for feeding time.
  • Nursing Pillow – No matter if breast or bottle feeding, a nursing pillow is crucial for comfort and ergonomic positioning during feedings. 
  • Bottle and Formula (Even if you plan to breastfeed) – If your milk doesn’t come in right away, you’re away from home or need to supplement, or in case of an emergency, it’s very important to have a stash of bottles and formula.  
  • Baby Bathtub – A little mini bathtub for your little bub? Say no more. 
  • Baby Lotion – No, your baby can’t use the same lotion as you; get some hypoallergenic baby-specific lotion.
  • Diaper Bag – Carry all your essentials when you’re out and about with your bub, so you have anything and everything you might need, no matter where you go or what surprises occur. 

Now that you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to start looking around! Some of the best recommendations come from friends, so no matter the item, if you’ve got a friend who’s been through this already, there’s a likelihood they’ve already got a recommendation ready. 

So where are you going to find all of these new items? 

  • Baby Speciality Stores – Buy Buy Baby, and other stores dedicated to babies can carry a wide range of products including clothing, gear and accessories. 
  • Department Stores – Walmart, Target and Macy’s each have large baby sections with a variety of items for new parents.  
  • Online Retailers – Amazon, and offer a vast selection of baby products and often have the convenience of home delivery.
  • Second-hand – Consignment shops and online marketplaces (like Facebook Marketplace) are great places to find gently used baby items at a lower cost.

This is a simple list, and a broad overview, but you’ll get the hang of this parenthood thing soon. We believe in you!